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The Benefits of Buying an Older Home

It's said that new is better. Do you agree?

Viewers of the television show This Old House may disagree as well as the many others that enjoy watching shows focused on the renovations of older homes. Some people enjoy living in older homes, too. Let's looks at some reasons as to why someone may prefer to buy an older home versus a newer one: 

Repairs Will Increase Home Value

Older homes are usually in need of a new roof, HVAC system, water heaters and other updates. If you invest in an older home to make these improvements, it will increase its value.


Custom stained class, carved wood details, crown molding and arched doorways are what gives older homes character. These days, it's rare to find such beautiful craftsmanship in newer homes.

Purchase Price

Older homes are generally more affordable than newer homes.

Larger Yard

Older homes were generally built on larger lots because land was more affordable in the past. Most older homes have retained their original lot sizes, which provide substantial yard space.


Many older homes feature beautiful landscaping that has been established since the homes were built, which can't be replicated on newer properties. Hundred year old trees and bushes surrounding older homes are truly special features that add to a home's character, charm, and uniqueness.

Convenient Location 

Older homes are generally located in areas that are close to dining, shopping and parks.



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    Weekend Events Vol. 4

    Wolfeboro Pumpkin Patch Contest 

    Let your creativity soar! Paint, decorate, embellish or carve a pumpkin and bring it to Durgin Green in downtown Wolfeboro anytime between 10 am and noon. Pumpkins will be judged and prizes will be awarded. Registration is required. Click here for more details about the event.

    Sandwich Fair 

    The Sandwich Fair will run from October 6th to the 8th. Click here to learn more details.

    Nearer to Nature Walk in Holderness 

    On Saturday, The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center will be hosting the Nearer to Nature Walk from 9:00am to 11:30am. It's free to attend but reservations are required. Click here for more details.  


    Enjoy the Foliage 

    It's said that this weekend will be the peak foliage weekend of the year so make sure to get out and take advantage of all the gorgeous views! One great way to enjoy the foliage would be while hiking. Local popular trails include Rattlesnake Mountain, Mount Major, Castle in the Clouds and Bald Knob.  The Cotton Valley Rail-Trail would provide beautiful views, too! If we missed any great hiking spots to see foliage, let us know in the comments section below!

    Fall Foliage Celebration in Waterville Valley 

    This family friendly annual celebration will include games for children, outdoor concerts, a 10 mile trail race, etc. Click here for more details.



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      Home Decorating Tips for the Fall

      It's said that having your home staged to match the appropriate season helps its selling potential. If you are selling your home this fall, here are some fall decorating tips that we hope that you find useful.

      Hang an autumn themed wreath 


      Decorate your porch with pumpkins


      Place fall scented/themed candles around your home


      Display fall flowers/centerpieces 


      Decorate your mantle

      Place apples on the table 

      Leave a flannel throw on a sitting area or bed



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        Price Reduction On Waterfront Property

        Photo: Bluefin Studio

        3 Wyanoke Gate Lane

        This Winter Harbor property in Wolfeboro is beautifully landscaped with stonewalls, a leveled lawn, walkways and a multi-level patio. The spacious home features wooden floors, granite, fireplaces and a deck off of the master bedroom. There’s also plenty of play space at the water’s edge with a dock and sizable recreation area above the boathouse. Store your favorite toys in the 2-car attached garage and oversized, 1-car detached garage. The water and views are awaiting you!

        Being offered at $1,395,000 MLS #4683566 


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          Best Songs About Houses

          Whether it's for their catchy beats, lyrics, or the artists that sing them, here are our top picks for the best songs about houses. Click the pictures below to listen to each song. Do you think there's a song we missed that should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments section below! Or, visit our Twitter account, , to vote for your favorite!

          Our House by Crosby Stills & Nash


          Lego House by Ed Sheeran 


          Here Is The House by Depeche Mode  


          The House On the Hill by Stevie Wonder  


          Our House By Madness



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            Reasons to Sell This Fall

            Thinking of selling your property? Fall is a great time of the year to sell. Click the link below to learn the benefits of selling in the fall to help you decide if the time is right for you. We are located on Main Street in downtown Wolfeboro and we'd be happy to speak with you about your options and how our years of service in the Lakes Region can help. We look forward to speaking with you!


            Photo and Article:



            Last Week of Summer Activities

            Photo: BlueFin Studio

            This weekend will be the last weekend of summer before Fall officially starts on September 22nd. Luckily, the weather is expected to be marvelous, reaching 80 degrees. Here are some suggestions for how to enjoy your last weekend of summer. Enjoy whatever you do! 

            Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough 

            This mountaintop estate is a popular tourist destination for its exquisite beauty and unique history. Visitors can choose from several activities while visiting the estate including: touring the mansion, eating at the restaurant located on the property, horseback riding and/or visiting the estate's exhibit gallery.

            DeVylder Farm in Wolfeboro 

            This local farm offers all the fruits and vegetables you'll need to make a wonderful end of summer meal. 

            Rail Trail in Wolfeboro 

            The rail trail is a great way to enoy summer scenery before foliage season. The trail is 11 miles long, beginning at Depot Street in Wolfeboro, and ends at Route 16 in Wakefield. 

            End of Summer Home Maintenance 

            This may not seem like an ideal way to spend your last weekend of summer but it could leave you feeling accomplished and prepared for the upcoming colder seasons. 

            Water Activities in The Lakes Region 

            Perhaps the best way to enjoy the last weekend of summer should somehow involve one of the many gorgeous lakes in our area. Whether boating, swimming, fishing, waterskiing, etc., enjoy the water now because soon, it will be too cold!

            New Home Essentials


            Purchasing a home for the first time can be quite exciting. However, having certain items in a new home make the experience all the more enjoyable and most of all, convenient. Make sure that you have these recommended essentials so that you can stay home and enjoy your new home as opposed to having to leave to get these items as you realize you need them. That way, there will be more time to focus on where you want to place your furniture and how you want to decorate each room.

            1. First Aid Kit - Injuries sometimes happen when moving. Make sure you're prepared!

            2. Power outage supplies - You never know when an outage will occur. Make sure to have batteries, flashlights, bottled water, etc.

            3. Fire extinguisher - Every home should have one of these. Imagine the potential damage you could prevent by having one of these quickly accessible.

            4. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - These save lives and are absolute necessities. 

            5. Cleaning supplies - Homes can get dirty on moving days with people constantly walking from outside to the inside of your home while moving furniture and boxes. We recommend having Bleach, Comet, a broom and dustpan, vacuum, mop, floor cleaner, sponges, wipes, and rags handily available for whatever messes you may encounter. 

            6. Snow shovel -Be prepared for that first snowfall with a snow shovel. If not, you may not be able to back out of your driveway to go and get one. 

            7. Tool kit - Whether needing a hammer to hang pictures or a screwdriver to install curtain rods, be prepared by having a basic tool kit in you home. 

            8. Shower curtain - Don't wait until you're exhausted and in need of a shower on your first day in your new home to discover that you have a tub with no curtain! To avoid a wet floor or not being able to shower at all, make sure to put up one of these up on your first day. 

            9. Spare keys - Get spare keys made for your new home as soon as possible. Give a key to each member of the household that will need one.  This way, in the midst moving, if a key is misplaced or someone accidentally locks themselves out of the house, someone will most likely have a spare key to unlock the door.

            10. Lawn equipment  - Part of a home's appeal is its landscaping. Give your new home curb appeal by maintaining the lawn, hedges, etc.

            11. Appliances - It's common for people to buy homes without appliances already present. Be prepared by bringing your own from your previous residence or schedule to have new appliances delivered by your move in day. 

            End of Summer Home Maintenance


            Labor Day is around the corner and it's the time of year that people reminisce about the wonderful times they had during the summer and begin to prepare themselves for the upcoming seasons. While people prepare for the colder weather it's important that they prepare their homes, too. Here is a suggested home maintenance list for the end of summer so that your home is best prepared for the change of seasons. 

            Paint (if you need to, there is better ventilation now than there will be in the winter)

            Clean and inspect windows 

            Make sure your fireplace is winter ready 

            Replace air filters 

            Fix your driveway (if necessary)

            Clean gutters 

            Inspect siding 

            Store outdoor furniture

            Organize your garage 

            Clean garbage and recycle bins 

            Prepare your pool for the winter/complete any necessary pool maintenance 

            Seal your attic and basement

            Prepare your porch, deck and/or patio for the winter elements 

            Clean out your garbage disposal 

            Vacuum upholstery

            If you think there should be anything added to our list, let us know in the comments section below!

            Weekend Events Vol. 3


            Wolfeboro's Annual Sidewalk Sale Days

            It's that time of year and Wolfeboro's annual sidewalk sale is this weekend. Local businesses will be offering sales and special deals on the sidewalks both Friday and Saturday. Make sure to stop by our office if you're looking to buy or sell. If not, stop by anyway to view all of the amazing properties in our window displays. 

            Great Waters Music Festival presents The Capitol Steps

            Also this weekend is the Great Waters Music Festival presentation of The Capitol Steps. They have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS.

            Downtown Wolfeboro History Walk

            For those of you that love history,  you'll love the Wolfeboro History Walk. Dressed in period costume, WHS member Don Hargy will describe the sites and activities of Wolfeboro's early days as a popular tourist destination. "Man in Black" will lead his flock to building locations that were notable in past eras. Although the walk is free, donations are greatly appreciated.

            Winter Harbor Live Music Show

            Donations to support Lake Winnipesaukee Association and Loon Preservation Committee will be accepted while you enjoy live music by the 9 piece Rosemary’s Baby Blues Band and food from The Chicken Bone. You can join the festivities your boat – portside ½ mile from the end of the harbor (Subject to any and all State of New Hampshire Marine Patrol Regulations and Requirements.)

            Click here for event times and details. Have a great weekend!