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Weekend Events Vol. 1.7

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The holiday season fun continues in and around Wolfeboro this weekend with these great events. Have an excellent weekend everyone! 

Friday November 30th

Wolfeboro Rotary Club Christmas Tree Sale - Wolfeboro

Visit Santa at Santa's Hut  - Wolfeboro

Saturday December 1st

Holiday Craft Fair- Laconia

Christmas in the Village- Sandwich 


Sunday December 2nd 

Mill Falls Marketplace Holiday Open House- Meredith 


Lakes Region Humane Society Holiday Dinner - Wolfeboro


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    Weekend Events Vol. 1.6

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    The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means, right? Lots of fun and wonderful community events! It all begins this weekend with a ski and snowboard exchange and a Turkey Trot. There are also other great events happening in and around Wolfeboro this weekend. See them all below and click the links for more details. Have a great weekend! 

    Friday November 16th

    The Wizard of Oz at Kingswood Arts Center - Wolfeboro

    Movie at Village Players Theater - Wolfeboro

    Free Yoga - Meredith

    Saturday November 17th

    Ski and Snowboard Exchange Camp Winnipesaukee - Wolfeboro

    27th Annual Turkey Trot 5k & Senior Turkey Trot - Wolfeboro





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      Popular Smart Home Devices

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      The following smart home devices were favorites of people in 2018 for doing what technology does best, making people's lives life easier. Do you have any of these devices? Do you love them or regret purchasing them? Let us know in the comments section below! 

      Smart Speakers 

      Give a voice command and like a genie, smart speakers will make it happen!

      Smart Cameras

      Smart cameras allow your to monitor what's happening in your home while you're away. They are especially popular with pet owners so that they can keep an eye on their pets throughout the day. The two-way voice audio on the cameras will even allow people to speak to their pets.

      Smart Thermostats

      Feeling too hot or cold but don't feel like getting up to adjust the thermostat? No problem, just voice command your requested temperature and it will adjust for you! Some devices also allow you to adjust the temperature by using your phone.

      Smart Lights 

      Feeling tired and ready to fall asleep but are worried that if you get up to turn off the lights you won't be tired anymore? Clap on clap off is a concept of the past. Simply voice command for your lights to turn off and you'll be on your way to dreamland.

      Smart Locks

      Always loosing your keys? No problem. Smart locks allow you simply input a code to get into your home. Just don't loose your phone!

      Smart Doorbells

      Who's at the door? Well, with the built in camera, you check to see who it is from your phone before getting up to open the door for your guest.




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        Home Decorating Tips to Get Cozy This Fall & Winter

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        Here are some tips to make your home cozier during the colder seasons. 

        Place throw blankets throughout your home

        Perhaps there's nothing more inviting to get cozy than a blanket. Place throw blankets on areas that you like to get cozy like the end of your bed, a chair or your couch. 


        Place extra pillows on your furniture 

        Having extra pillows placed around the house makes people want to nestle against them and get cozy. Additional pillows look great on chairs, couches, beds and window seats. For an even cozier experience, buy pillows with soft, fluffy fabrics. 

        Decorate your fireplace 

        If you have a fireplace in your home, you'll definitely be cozy from the warmth it provides. If you don't have a working fireplace in your home, you can still create a cozy feeling by placing a fireplace tool set with a rack of wood and newspapers.

        Place quilts on your beds 

        In addition to being warm, quilts can evoke warm, cozy feelings since many of them have been made by close friends or family members. 

        Create a reading space

        Although home libraries aren't common, plenty of people still love to read and create reading spaces within their homes. If you don't have a reading space, you can easily create one by placing a chair near a bookshelf in an area that has a lamp or window. 

        Place area rugs throughout your house 

        When it's chilly, area rugs can help to keep your feet a little warmer if you have hardwood flooring or tile floors and they can also add an element of coziness with certain textures and patterns. 

        Hang heavy drapes on your windows  

        Similar to the feeling of heavier bedding during colder seasons, heavier drapes can made you feel more cozy knowing that you're warm inside, protected from cold drafts. 

        Decorate your mudroom

        Decorate your mudroom so that you feel cozy and welcomed to your home each time you open the door. Also, stock it with plenty of outdoor clothes and warm accessories so that you can get warm and cozy before you venture out into the cold. 


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