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End of Summer Home Maintenance

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Labor Day is around the corner and it's the time of year that people reminisce about the wonderful times they had during the summer and begin to prepare themselves for the upcoming seasons. While people prepare for the colder weather it's important that they prepare their homes, too. Here is a suggested home maintenance list for the end of summer so that your home is best prepared for the change of seasons. 

Paint (if you need to, there is better ventilation now than there will be in the winter)

Clean and inspect windows 

Make sure your fireplace is winter ready 

Replace air filters 

Fix your driveway (if necessary)

Clean gutters 

Inspect siding 

Store outdoor furniture

Organize your garage 

Clean garbage and recycle bins 

Prepare your pool for the winter/complete any necessary pool maintenance 

Seal your attic and basement

Prepare your porch, deck and/or patio for the winter elements 

Clean out your garbage disposal 

Vacuum upholstery

If you think there should be anything added to our list, let us know in the comments section below!

Weekend Events Vol. 1.3

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Wolfeboro's Annual Sidewalk Sale Days

It's that time of year and Wolfeboro's annual sidewalk sale is this weekend. Local businesses will be offering sales and special deals on the sidewalks both Friday and Saturday. Make sure to stop by our office if you're looking to buy or sell. If not, stop by anyway to view all of the amazing properties in our window displays. 

Great Waters Music Festival presents The Capitol Steps

Also this weekend is the Great Waters Music Festival presentation of The Capitol Steps. They have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS.

Downtown Wolfeboro History Walk

For those of you that love history,  you'll love the Wolfeboro History Walk. Dressed in period costume, WHS member Don Hargy will describe the sites and activities of Wolfeboro's early days as a popular tourist destination. "Man in Black" will lead his flock to building locations that were notable in past eras. Although the walk is free, donations are greatly appreciated.

Winter Harbor Live Music Show

Donations to support Lake Winnipesaukee Association and Loon Preservation Committee will be accepted while you enjoy live music by the 9 piece Rosemary’s Baby Blues Band and food from The Chicken Bone. You can join the festivities your boat – portside ½ mile from the end of the harbor (Subject to any and all State of New Hampshire Marine Patrol Regulations and Requirements.)

Click here for event times and details. Have a great weekend!

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Home

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Photos: photos: Steve Dunwell/Getty Images
Concept: Greg Chow

There is a myriad of information pertaining to the best time of year to buy a home as opposed to the worst time. Here's the breakdown:


November, December and January are great months to purchase a home. If a seller is willing to put their home on the market during this busy time of year, it can be assumed that they are ambitious and are also probably willing to be flexible when it comes to the selling price. People that sell their homes in the winter generally accept offers below asking price. 


A benefit to buying a home in the Spring is the high inventory. This is the time of year that new homes go on the market, so there is a vast selection for buyers to choose from. However, because of Spring's popularity for new listings, loan processing can sometimes take a little longer than usual. Also, bidding wars are common during this season, which can drive prices higher. 


May through late August is a convenient time of year to buy a home because children are out of school and people generally have more free time shop for homes and plan for a move. House inventory is also high during the summer, which like Spring, gives buyers an array of options. A possible downside of buying a home in the summer is that prices can be higher. However, if you find a home that you love during this season, you might want to still put in an offer because it's highly likely that if you don't buy it, someone else will. 


After busy summers, home prices decrease in the Fall. Although the price drops are not always significant, a lower price is always a better price for any buyer. Year end tax credits are also an incentive to buy during the Fall because it's near the end of the fiscal year. Buyers have potential opportunities to qualify for tax deductions for the closing cost, property tax and mortgage interest. 

The Best Season to Buy 

There is no best season to buy a home. As long as you can afford the home that you want, have a good realtor, and are committed to becoming a homeowner, there's no reason that you should not purchase your dream home. Timing is everything and when it's right, go for it! Happy house hunting!

Two New Land Listings!

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Happy Friday! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend. If you're shopping for waterfront land, stop by our office or call us. We'd be happy to discuss these new land listings with you, both located on Basin Drive in beautiful Tuftonboro, New Hampshire.


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Pros and Cons of Buying a Smart Home

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Photo:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Article:

There are pros and cons to buying a smart home. Click here to read about them. We're also interested to know what you think. Do you feel that the benefits outweigh the cons when it comes to buying a smart home? Let us know in the comments section below!

Weekend Events Vol. 1.2

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There's a lot going on in Wolfeboro this weekend! Are you going to any of these events?



Great Waters Music Festival presents The Doo Wop Project

The Jungle Book at Foss Field on Varney Road 


Acrylic Pour Painting Workshop at The Libby Museum 

Freese Brothers Big Band at Cate Park 

Stravinskyy, Sibelius, and Rachmaninov at Kingswood Arts Center 


Pancakes for Paws Brunch at Lakes Region Humane Society 

Circus Smirkus at The Nick

Click here for event times and details. 

Have a great weekend! 




The Importance of Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

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There are many factors to consider when selling your home and curb appeal is one of them. The saying, "First impressions are everything" was originally intended for people but it applies to houses, too. Click here to learn what you can do to optimize the potential of selling your home within a short time frame by making it look a little nicer from the outside. 



Historic Homes of New Hampshire

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There are so many amazing properties in New Hampshire. Summer is a great time to explore the state and visit some of its most notable houses. Click here to view 10 Historic Homes in New Hampshire. Have you visited any of these properties? Which one of them was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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