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8 Real Estate Themed Gifts Mom Will Love This Mother's Day

1. A Framed Picture/Painting of Her House

2. An Official Name/Plaque for Her House
(Click here to learn more about naming a house.)

3. A Subscription to Her Favorite Home Magazine(s)

4. A Consultation with a Local Landscaper

5. A Smart Home Device 
(Click here for specific ideas.)

6. A Gift Card to a Home Decor Store

7. A Consultation with an Interior Designer

8. A New House 





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    Weekend Events 5/3/19 - 5/5/19

    Friday May 3rd

    Barrel Tasting Weekend - Various Locations 


    Adam Wakefield - Plymouth 


    Saturday May 4th 

    Kentucky Derby Party - Wolfeboro


    Moulton Farm Spring Open House - Meredith


    Felix Cavaliere's Rascals - Plymouth


    New Hampshire Day at Squam Lakes Science Center - Holderness


    Sunday May 5th 

    Beginner 5K with a Naturalist - Laconia 



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      Weekend Events 4/26/19 - 4/28/19

      Friday April 26th 

      Camp Winnipesaukee Murder Mystery Weekend - Wolfeboro

      WildQuest Spring Vacation Camp- Laconia

      Saturday April 27th 

      Wild Foods of Spring - Laconia

      Bookstore Day- Meredith

      Cooking Demonstration and Dinner- Wolfeboro

      Excelsior Cornet Band- Wolfeboro

      Trail Yoga- Laconia

      Antiques and Collectibles Auction- Laconia & Meredith


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        Give Your House a Name

        If you were to ask a person to create a list of things that are given names, the list may look something like this:

        1. countries

        2. states

        3. cities

        4. towns

        5. streets 

        6. children

        7. pets 

        8. mountains 

        9. trails


        However, few people would ever list houses. Let's change that! 

        After reading this article and this article, we were inspired to name our houses. We enjoyed the process so much that we thought you might like to name your house, too! We suggest reading both of the linked articles to help you generate ideas for a name but if you can't come up with one, try using this nifty house name generator. We'd love to know the name you choose for your house so let us know in the comments section below!



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          5 Things to Do at Home on a Rainy Day

          1. Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator


          2. Treat Your Wood Floors 


          3. Clean Your Walls


          4. Organize Your Garage 


          5. Prepare Your Lawn Equipment for the Warmer Months 
          Click here to learn how. 



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            New Hampshire Maple Weekend 2019 | Lakes Region

            New Hampshire Maple Month is one of our favorite times of the year in New Hampshire and in the Lakes Region. Here are all of the sugar houses that you can visit in the Lakes Region during The 24th Annual NH Maple Weekend (March 23 and March 24th). For a complete list of all NH sugar houses participating in Maple Weekend and Maple Month 2019, click here.

            Click on these Lakes Region sugar houses for their information.

            Turkey Street Maples - Chocorua, Tamworth 

            Brooks Family Sugar House - Freedom 



            Shepard's Hut Market - Gilford

            Smith Farm Stand - Gilford 


            Abbot Farm Sugar House - Moultonborough


            Rising Sweetness Sugar Shack - New Durham 


            Just Maple at Green Acres Farm - Tilton 


            Hunters Sugar House - Tuftonboro 

            Eldridge Family Sugar House - West Ossipee


            SP's Surgar Shack - West Ossipee 




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              Day Trips from the Lakes Region

              One unique aspect of the Lakes Region is its close proximity to large cities. This provides the best of both worlds for Lakes Region locals, second homeowners and seasonal visitors. In addition to people being able to enjoy ALLthat the Lakes Region has to offer, they also have the convenient opportunity to take day trips to some of the best cities in New England.

              Whether you’re a local seeking an exciting day trip, new to the area or visiting from afar and attempting to experience as much of New England as possible, here are all of the amazing places that you can visit from the Lakes Region in just a couple of hours or less. 

              Boston, Massachusetts

              Approximately a 2 hour drive from the Lakes Region


              Boston is a city know for its rich history, sports teams, educational institutions, culture and more. There are a wide variety of activities and experiences for people to enjoy while visiting Boston. If you're not able to do everything that you want to in one day, it's close enough that you can go back anytime you want. Here are some of the things we like to do when we visit Boston.

              Visit Harvard

              Harvard is one of the oldest and most respected Ivy League universities in the country and is fascinating to visit. Visitors can take various tours of the campus, visit one of the several museums on campus, or partake in exciting daily eventsoffered by the university. If anything, just go to walk around the campus and admire the architecture of Harvard, it's stunning!

              Visit the Boston's Children Museum

              The Boston Children's Museum is one of the most well known museums in the world. The private, non-profit educational institution features exhibits focused on science, culture, environmental awareness and more. The museum also offers program and activities that address everything from math and science to literacy. Check out their daily events.

              Visit The Freedom Trail

              The Freedom Trail is a unique Boston Experience. Visitors can walk the 2.5 mile Freedom Trail, which is a 2.5 mile red line with 16 nationally significant historic sites on its path. There are a variety of tours to choose from depending on your preferences. 

              Visit Fenway Park

              Fenway Park is home to the Boston Red Sox. Visitors can tour theballpark or catch a game.

              Kittery, Maine

              Approximately a 1 hour 20 minute drive from the Lakes Region


              Known as "The Gateway to Maine", Kittery is a popular tourist destination in the summers. Kittery is a great day trip from the Lakes Region. Here are some of the things that we like to do when we go to Kittery. 

              Visit The Kittery Trading Post

              The Kittery Trading Post has been at its location since 1938 and over the years, has become a popular tourist attraction. There are three levels to the store full of everything from clothes, to sports equipment and games.

              Visit Fort McClary

              Visit the the Fort McClary site and its museum at its beautiful location to learn about interesting facts pertaining to five past wars, including the Revolutionary War.

              Visit the Kittery Historical and Naval Museum 

              Learn all about the interesting history of Kittery at this museum. 

              Portsmouth, New Hampshire

              Approximately a 1 hour 20 minute drive from the Lakes Region


              Portsmouth is across the river from Kittery, yet has its own uniqueness worth experiencing. Here are some things that we like to do while we're in Portsmouth.

              Visit The Strawbery Bank Museum

              The Strawbery Bank museum is an outdoor history musucem located in downtown Portsmouth. The 10 acre property is open for guests to explore historic houses (including the oldest house in New Hampshire), gardensand more. 

              Vist Prescott Park 

              Prescott park is a gorgeous waterfront park in downtown Portsmouth. The park is also known for The Prescott Park Arts Festival, which hosts exciting eventsfor music, theater and more. 

              Vist the U.S.S. Albacore 

              Originally built in Portsmouth, the U.S.S. Albacore was a research submarine used by the Navy for approximately 20 years. Take a self guided tour of the submarine and visit the museum to learn about this fascinating piece of history.

              Eat Food and Walk Around Downtown

              Downtown Portsmouth offers amazing restaurants and shops. We recommend exploring! 

              Portland, Maine

              Approximately a 1 hour 45 minute drive from the Lakes Region 


              Portland offers everything from scenic views and beaches, to great food and art. Here are some things that we like to do when we visit Portland. 

              Visit the Portland Head Lighthouse and Fort Williams Park

              Chances are, you've seen this lighthouseon a calendar before. It's one of New England's most popular lighthouses for a reason, it's stunning! The grounds of Fort Williams Parkoffers 90 acres of recreational space and makes for a wonderful place to have a picnic, take walks and more. Its location at Cape Elizabeth is beautiful and definitely worth seeing. 

              Visit the Portland Museum of Art 

              Located in the heart of downtown, The Portland Museum of Art features nationally recognized, extensive art collections from around the world. Click hereto check out some of their current collections and click hereto check out their current and upcoming exhibitions. 


              Portland is known to have some of the best food in the country.

              Visit the Portland Observatory

              The Portland Observatory is a great place to take in incredible views and learn about the last remaining signal station in the U.S. 

              Walk around Downtown 

              Downtown Portland is full of great shops that are fun to explore. 

              Manchester, NH

              Approximately a 1 hour 30 minute drive from the Lakes Region 


              Manchester is the most populous city in Northern New England and is known for its higher education and growing industries. Here are some places that we like to do when we visit Manchester. 

              Visit the Currier Museum of Art

              The Currier Museum of Art is an internationally recognized art museum. It's also well known for the Frank Lloyd Wright Zimmerman House and the museum offers tours of the home built by one of America's greatest architects. 

              Visit The SEE Science Center 

              The SEE Science Center is an interactive learning center for visitors of all ages. The center offers hands-on exhibits, daily demonstrations, tours and more. 

              Visit Livingston Park

              Enjoy a day at the park at Livingstone Park. The park offers nearby trails, a swimming pool, picnic area and more. 

              Visit the Millyard Museum

              The Millyard Museum features a permanent exhibit about the history of Manchester dating back 11,000 years! Learn more about that exhibit and see other featured exhibits here


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