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Wolfeboro's New Singletrack!

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     Through the beautiful town of Wolfeboro runs the Cotton Valley Rail-Trail, where you can see all that Wolfeboro has to offer, along with neighboring towns. One of Wolfeboro's newest additions that can be found along this trail is the Wolfeboro Singletrack Alliance. Another destination where recreational activities can be enjoyed. Wolfeboro Singletrack is a non-profit organization that is developing multi-use singletrack trails designed for mountain biking and non-motorized users. The trails are located in multiple locations, one of the locations being off the Cotton Valley Rail Trail's Fernald Station, located off Governor John Wentworth Highway. Other locations throughout Wolfeboro where you can find singletrack is Abenaki Ski area, or Sewall Woods.


     For those who don't know you may be wondering what is singletrack? Singletrack is a type of mountain biking trail that is made for the width of one bike. It is smooth, but may have technical rocky sections, banked turns, go over tree routs, hills, or jumps. Many mountain bikers prefer single tack, as singletrack is designed specifically for the sport, and has elements mountain bikers would opt for. The Wolfeboro Singletrack Alliance has been maintaining and planning to build more trails throughout Wolfeboro since 2018. They say their mission is "to work with land managers to ensure access to well built sustainable trails, while protecting the environment at the same time" and "envisioning Wolfeboro as a destination with an expanding network of sustainable trails". If you like exploring New Hampshires beautiful woodlands, this recreational resource will be an excellent location for you. You can click here to read more about the trails and the Wolfeboro Singletrack organization!


Author: Molly Ingram 

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