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14 Tips for a Great Housewarming Party

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Have you recently bought your first home or moved into a new house? If so, you may want to consider throwing a housewarming party.

Even if you haven't recently moved, there are other reasons to have a party to celebrate your home. Perhaps you haven't had people visit your house in a long time or you've made recent updates to your home that you'd like people to see. Whatever the reason is for celebrating your house, the following tips are sure to make your party memorable for you and your guests!

1. Set a time and date

2. Plan a menu 

Do you want your guests to have a meal or appetizers only?

3. Set a theme 

For example, if you just bought a lake house, you could request that guests wear lake inspired colors.

4. Send invitations

5. Provide guests with directions and parking information

6. Clean your house

7. Make sure there are plenty of seating options for guests

8. Have food ready for guests when they arrive

9. Play music

10. Play Monopoly

11. Enjoy yourself

12. Give a guided tour of your home

13. Take pictures

14. Thank guests for attending your party.




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