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Home buying cost by state


Thinking of buying where you currently live or looking to relocate to another state and are not sure how much you will need? Click on the link below for a handy info graphic that will give you an idea. If the Lakes Region is where you currently reside or you're looking to move to our beautiful area, contact the experts at Melanson Real Estate for all of your real estate needs.

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Vist our YouTube Channel for Videos and Slideshows of our Current Listings


Visit our YouTube Channel to see videos and slideshows of our current listings! Click on the link below to get started! If you're thinking of listing your home, stop in our convenient North Main Street location and speak with one of our experts about how to get the most money for your home, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of difficulty. 




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    Buyers appreciate an uncluttered home!

    Spring has sprung...sort of, but temperatures are gradually warming, windows are opening to let fresh air in even if only for a few minutes.  During holidays, family gatherings and a long season spent mostly indoors it's easy for clutter to build up with the mindset, "I'll get to that when it's warmer." Now that it's getting warmer it's time to declutter. If you're thinking of selling your current home and want to attract more buyers or are just ready to free up some space, the link below will give you some helpful tips.