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Have You Done These 6 Summer Maintenance Tasks That Could Save You Money?

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The dog days of summer are here, are you ready? Here are some summer maintenance tasks you should tackle around your home to save you some cash.


In between barbecues and beach days, you still need to stay on top of maintenance around the house. Otherwise you might find yourself with big problems down the line—and big repair costs.

Power-wash your house

One way to bring your home back to its former glory is to power-wash it. Power-washing your home really gives the exterior a good cleaning, washing off any cobwebs, mold and mildew. It can help catch problems early on too! A dirty exterior can sometimes mask issues with the siding of your house that need to be repaired and it can extend the life of it. Power-washing your home has been known to pay off big time when it comes time to selling your house. But whether you're staying or selling, it makes a huge difference in your curb appeal. 

Tune up your air conditioner

HVAC Pros suggest bi-annual service checks. Between service visits, you can look for leaks in the hoses inside and outside and make sure you change the filter on your ac unit every three months. Also, be sure there's no debris or vegetation close to the outside compressor.

Properly close and lock windows

Before the air conditioner goes on, be sure to properly close and lock windows. Remember, weather seal isn't just for winter. Sealing your windows will help to keep the cool air in, the hot air out and keep your energy bills lower.

Changing direction of your ceiling fan can make a big difference

Flip the motor switch so the blades spin counter clockwise in summer drawing the warm air up. In the winter, let it spin clockwise forcing the warm air down.

Spruce up your home's exterior

Check your landscaping for overgrown trees and shrubs, fertilize and dethatch your lawn. This will help your greens be healthier longer saving you more green by not replacing your landscaping.

Check the gutters and roof

Finally, check your gutters and roof. Make sure the gutters are working properly so the rain doesn't lead to foundational flooding. Check that your downspouts are free flowing and that the gutters are not pulling away from the house. If you can safely do so, check to be sure there's no storm damage to the roof... look for missing, loose or damaged shingles or leaks.

Tackle this short to do list to keep your home looking and feeling cool all summer. Maintaining your home is an investment worth making!

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