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Simple Pleasures: A Cozy Home in Cold Weather

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Stock up on these treats and essentials to make even blustery days and snowed-in time feel special.

There is a certain squirrel-like pleasure in stocking up for cold weather — and potential power outages — from the regular essentials, like flashlights and warm socks, to the fun essentials, like bottles of wine and new board games. Knowing you have all you could possibly want tucked tidily away is a wonderful way to kick off a season of coziness.

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz Contributor

stone entryway wood rack  


If you have a woodstove or fireplace, stocking up on good, dry wood is essential before winter really kicks in. 

Although wood does look inviting all stacked up, it’s probably best to store the bulk of it outdoors to prevent little critters from entering your home. A covered porch can be a good transitional space for keeping a wood pile, and a neat stack of wood is a cozy thing to look at as you enter the home on blustery days.

hallway barn coats and muck boot

Muck Boots and Barn Coats

Sure, we all have our nice boots and coats for going out, but it’s so handy to have a selection of sturdy muck boots and waxed coats to toss on when you need to take care of a quick outdoor chore. 

And there is something so charmingly British countryside about their being all lined up by the back door

sofa french doors and bookshelves


Piles of books provide an open invitation to toss out your plans and read all afternoon in the snug house instead. Here’s a tip for those of you, like me, who are attempting to pare down a book collection rather than accumulate more tomes: Visit your library or its website and check out a stack of fascinating books. I love being able to borrow big art and design books, literature, cookbooks and whatever else I am in the mood for. When you’re done, just return them and select another set.

wine glasses, cooler and rack


If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, it feels good to know you have some of your favorite varieties in reserve when the snow is flying. 

Just looking at a nice collection of wine in the cupboard or on the wine rack is comforting — if unexpected guests drop in, or you’re stuck in a storm and can’t use the car, you can rest assured there will be a good bottle to share.

cozy kitchen

Cozy Things in the Kitchen

Tea. Hot cocoa. Casseroles and soups in the freezer. A pantry filled with delectable goodies. Whether you are coming in from shoveling snow or a day running errands, there is something about winter that increases the appetite, so be sure to keep your kitchen well stocked!

rolled up socks in drawer

Warm Socks

We all deserve warm new socks at the beginning of winter, don’t we? Plush, thick socks can stand in for slippers and make boots more comfortable, and they look far nicer in your drawer than regular ones. Try some in cashmere or washable wool.

game room puzzles board game

Board Games, Puzzles and Other Playthings

Snow days call for old-school amusements. That said, you don’t need to stick with Monopoly and cards — pick out a stack of new games and puzzles to add to the collection. If you play an instrument, treat yourself to some new music to practice on long winter evenings.



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