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Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce presents Christmas in Wolfeboro Parade & Official Tree Lighting aka "The Giving Tree"

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A touching story by Lynne Palmer to remind us all how important it is to remember what the true meaning of Christmas is all about, the gift of giving!

The Giving Tree

By Lynne Palmer

For more than 25 years Wolfeboro has had a community Christmas tree in the middle of our downtown for all to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season. When people ask me what I appreciate about living in The Oldest Summer Resort in America, I usually respond that Christmas is the time I covet the most living in Wolfeboro. Downtown Wolfeboro is blanketed in snow and becomes a Rockwell canvas for a few short months. It's hard not to be captivated by a scene that must cultivate a smile from almost every passerby that is lucky enough to venture past the large evergreen planted in front of Black's. If anyone has wondered about where the tree comes from and whether there a story behind it, the answer is...yes! Our community tree is a gift donated by private citizens each and every year since the tradition first began.  

For a long time, Bill Rae, who was Wolfeboro's Tree Warden would come by the Chamber Office in his little truck to pick up Mary DeVries to go tree hunting. They would drive by a location where someone had offered a tree on their property or to check out a tree that was spotted by a resident considered to be an ideal selection. "I have the fondest memories of doing this with Bill Rae. It was one of the highlights of the year to ride along with him and be a part of the selection process," recalls Mary. When Mr. Rae passed away, Cindy Melanson became the guardian of the tree search and has enthusiastically supported the exploration. If you have ever wondered why the tree is shorter or wider than the last one, or why it's a fraser one year and a spruce the next -- the answer is, it's a gift, and each tree is uniquely wonderful and has its own story. The other elves in this holiday story are the members of the Wolfeboro Electric Department that donate their time and services to cutting, transporting, and stringing the lights along with a temporary connection for power. Local Chamber sponsors of community events support the purchase of the lights and the splendid star. 

This year, we have the Smallidge family to thank for our holiday Blue Spruce which was planted on June 7, 1992, the weekend of Dianne Smallidge's birthday. David and Dianne owned Link Metal Corporation which opened the same year the tree was planted at their business, and their family donated the tree in their loving memory. Their children are happy that the tree is going to such a good cause and know that it will be appreciated by all. So, thank you to the Smallidge family for honoring their parents and us with this gift from their family legacy. 


Christmas in Wolfeboro Parade and Official Tree Lighting

When: Saturday, November 30th, 3 PM – 4 PM

Where: Main Street, Wolfeboro

The Parade will enter Main Street at Brewster Academy and travel North, ending at the corner of Main and Mill Street. Santa Claus will then make his way to the Community Christmas Tree where he will use his magic to turn on the holiday lights.  Clearlakes Chorale will be singing carols prior to the lighting of the tree.